A Few Reasons To Dial His Number

By Gina • Mar 27th, 2012

1. He called you first and you’re now returning his call.

This is the first and best option for picking up that phone. He’s wanting to hear from you and excited. Give it 24 hours though, you always want to be busy and not desperately waiting on his call.

2. You have to cancel your date

You should definitely give him a courtesy call if something comes up and you’re unable to make it.

3. The phone phantom dialed him from your bag

Don’t panic. These things happen. Just end the call and continue on with what you were doing. But please, for your own good, do not call back and say “It’s me again, sorry my phone called by mistake. How are you?” That looks like a lie wearing an ugly jacket of desperation.

As you see ladies, there are not many reasons to just dial a man especially one that you’re newly dating. If you’re constantly calling him then you give him no reason to chase you and you are now an easy target which renders you roadkill!

You just innocently wanted to hear his voice and you do. He spends an hour on the phone, making you laugh and telling you how pretty and sweet you are. All the while, he’s thinking “ I will definitely keep this chick’s number in my phone so that I can avoid her the next time she calls and bugs me”.

Men do not want to be hounded. They want to be challenged, ladies. It’s no coincidence as to why they are sports biggest fans. Whether on the field or in the stands, they love the game and we need to either learn how to play it or sit on the sidelines!

Stay tuned for my post next week and I will be listing reasons why you should not dial his number.




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